What are Net Carbs?

  • Word “Net Carbs” is used as a labeling claim especially in low carbs or keto products.
  • These are the carbs that impact your blood sugar. As carbohydrates include sugars, fiber, and sugar alcohols, everyone needs to know which types of carbohydrates you should limit.
  • Net carbs matter a lot in a healthy diet as excess carbohydrates especially refined sugars can have different impacts on your health such as Spiking your Blood Sugar, Causing food cravings, Messing with Hormones, and Leading to non-communicable diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, or Cardiovascular disorders.
  • To calculate net carbs just subtract fiber and sugar alcohols from your food’s total carbohydrates.

Net Carbs = Total carbohydrates – Fiber – A sugar alcohol

  • While, calculating net carbs just keep in mind which sugar alcohol should be ignored and which should be considered in calculating net carbs. Sugar alcohols that can be ignored are Erythritol, Xylitol, Mannitol, and Lactitol. On the other hand sugar alcohols like Maltitol, Sorbitol, Isomalt, and Glycerin should be partially added in net carbs.
  • While calculating net carbs we also have to ignore some monosaccharides sugars just like Allulose. Although allulose is absorbed in the body, it is being secreted by the body unused. It doesn’t increase or elevate one’s blood sugar level and provides only 1/10 of the calories provided by table sugar. Research has shown that Allulose also helps in lowering the visceral fat of your body, which can cause heart problems.


Considering net carbs can have the following advantages

  • It can increase your fiber intake
  • Can be less restrictive in food choices
  • If considered while having insulin, it can prevent hypoglycemia.
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