Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds


Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

  • Pumpkins are quite rich in terms of minerals and vitamins while being extremely low in calories.

  • The presence of Vitamins A and C, pumpkin helps boost your immune system and strengthen your immunity against diseases.

  • It is a nutrient-dense food and a good source of fiber which helps suppress appetite and necessary food cravings.

  • Pumpkin contains compounds that work as a natural sunblock. It also helps keep your skin shiny, healthy, and strong.

  • The sharp color of the fruit comes from beta-carotene in its composition. Once consumed, the body converts it into Vitamin A for better eye health and eyesight.

  • Beta-carotene also helps reduce the risk of developing different types of cancer, providing protection against CV diseases or asthma and lowering the risks linked to age-related muscle degeneration.

  • Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds deliver a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, riboflavin, folate, and niacin.
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