Benefits and Safety of Soy Protein Crisps

Benefits and Safety of Soy Protein Crisps

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Soy protein crisps

Soy crisps encourage healthier snacking. These snacks are low in calories, sugars, and carbs and high in protein and fiber. Some important health benefits of soy crisps are:

High in nutrients

In terms of texture, soy protein crisps are similar to potato crisps but low in calories. These crisps are rich in vitamins (such as vitamin D, B, and K) and minerals. According to research, these micronutrients perform several important functions in the human body including strong bone development, blood clotting, and proper vision.

Soy crisps are also rich in iron, which is required for energy production and manufacturing of red blood cells in your body.

Promotes heart health

Eating soy products can help you lowering blood cholesterol levels, which is associated with heart diseases. This is because they are high in protein, fiber, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). They also contain isoflavones, which are strong antioxidants and can mimic estrogen in your body.

A recent study has shown that people with high cholesterol levels consuming soy products observed a significant decline in LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and an increase in HDL (good) cholesterol.

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