Benefits and Safety of Allulose

Benefits and Safety of Allulose



Allulose (monosaccharide) is a new sweetener, which provides minimal calories and carbs. In addition, several studies have shown that it provides several health benefits to humans. Some of its benefits include:

Control blood sugar levels

Allulose is a powerful tool to manage diabetes. Several animal studies have depicted that allulose can help in increasing insulin sensitivity, lowering blood sugar levels, and reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes by protecting the pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin.

Promotes fats loss

A recent study has found that allulose is effective in reducing visceral fat in humans, which is strongly linked with several diseases such as heart diseases and obesity. In another study, rats were fed with high-sugar diet; one group was given 5% cellulose and the other 5% allulose. The result revealed that allulose-fed rats significantly burned more fat and calories overnight and also gained less fat as compared to the cellulose-fed rats.

Protects against fatty liver

Evidence has shown that in addition to preventing weight gain, it also prevents fat storage in the liver. Hepatic steatosis (fatty liver) is strongly linked with type-2 diabetes and insulin resistance. In a 15-week study, diabetic rats were given cellulose, fructose, allulose, and no sugar. The results revealed that allulose-fed rats decreased 38% liver fat and less weight gain than other groups.

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