Does Keto Work If You Have Diabetes?


As per different research studies, people with diabetes have a greater chance of reducing their blood sugar levels with the diet plan. A study showed that diabetic individuals could lose weight, stop their medication, and decrease A1C levels while following the keto diet religiously.

Nutritional ketosis is also beneficial for insulin-resistant individuals with high blood sugar levels who cannot respond positively to the insulin hormone. Their body makes less insulin and helps them achieve long-term benefits regarding their weight and blood sugar levels.

If you are a diabetic person and want to start a keto diet, you need to know. It will be a bit hard to stick to the routine. Consuming low carbs can be a huge change for some people; it can feel exhausted until the body adapts to the change. To make the process a success, it is ideal for making a meal plan that is easy to follow with medicines and then stick to it until the end.

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